Saturday, February 25, 2012

Helooooo everybody..

Well, we posted a new video a week ago or so, and we have had an awesome response on your comment section and on private messages from people wanting to see more of the project. It's amazing to see just how much attention this project has gotten. I LOVE it..

BUT... I haven't updated this blog in quite some time, and I know I should get better at giving this site some more attention. You see we use YouTube as a primary source of reaching out to you.

Check this out:

Yes, yes I know it says 2010.. It should say 2011:) Thanks to everyone that voted for us over at Here's the interview for those of you interested: Clickity click..

Allright.. Maybe I'll throw in a new video by tomorrow, but I doubt it as I haven't had time to work on the sim this weekend.. It sux.. Becides, I have to work the "graveyard shift" next week, so I guess I am gona sleep all day and work all night.. But it's only for a week, so I'll get by..

Here's our last video for you to watch.. See ya..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Finally, we are starting up the building again

Hello everybody!

We wish you all a happy new year.

Well, after months without a place to store our project, things are getting better. We have finally found a new place for our sim, and if everything are going after our plans, we are soon back in business.

It have been a rough autumn in many ways, and there are many reasons why the project suddenly stopped. Kjetil have started in full time job, and Stian is still working his shifts in the north sea. But after times with nothing done, we finally took the step to bring things back together. The simulator is now stored a couple of miles from the last place, near Oslo airport.

The plan is to finish the outside of the shell, with cockpit glass, aluminium and paint. Still, there is a lot of work that remains to get the perfect result, but we'll get there. Our first goal now is to finish the outside within the end of february.

We have no pictures to show you for now, but I'll promise that we will do an update with new pictures of the work we have in progress. We really hope that you will follow us further!

Best regards

Friday, July 1, 2011

It is still very slow moving..

I don't know why everything is so slow.. Maybe it's because of the summertime? It has to be..

I really have had no energy left to go down in the shop and continue the sanding of the sim these last few weeks. Maybe I have worked too hard in the beginning of the project, and that's why I am kinda tired? It really just need some more priming and filling to make it ready for it's last stage of paint, but..... I'm tired of sanding.

I guess the only thing to do is to just put in the last effort now, and she'll be ready. I'll see if I can do it within the next day or so. I kinda feel bad for not being down there as much as I should. But you know, I really love being home with my family too:) Me and my wife had our seventh year wedding anniversary the 26'th of june. So what I did was that I went to the local sport's store, and picked up a complete set of fly-fishing gear for her. This included the fishing rod, fly-line reel, waders, shoes, polarized sun shades, a fishing gear jacket, some flies to put on her fly-line and much more. It was awesome. So now, me and her are going fishing with the kids in not too long. Maybe we should have just went mountain hiking right now when I come to think about it:) The kids would surely loved it.

See you guys later.. I'll post a video in not too long.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Building a Boeing 737-800 home simulator #12

Well, here we are with another video.

I know it's been a while since the last update, but today was a nice day to go down to the shop to put some work into the shell again. It's fun to see that the shell is starting to look better with every layer of primer. My goal is to get the surface of the shell as smooth as possible, so we can use regular automobile paint on the shell. But to get rid of the whole wood look that shines through the paint, is hard to do.

Here's the latest video:

And here's some pictures to go along with this update.

Stian is rubbing with sand paper

Side view looking awesome

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still working on this Blog

Inputs from you all is much appreciated. It's hard to get it right, and I'd like you guys to tell me what is missing, and what can be done to make this page more user friendly. I'm open to all suggestions.

I've just finished making a new page on the blog. Check out the link on top "Where to begin"